3 Exciting Pregnancy Baby Games To Play On Baby Shower

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Baby showers are always fun, exciting, and filled with happy emotions where you get to meet every important person in your life on a very special day for you as well as the new member arriving. So to make it special and interesting, we play games to keep everyone engaged in the celebration. Here is a list of the three best pregnancy baby games that will enhance the excitement of your baby shower celebration. Add on these pregnancy baby games in your baby shower celebration that cost nothing at all. 

Guess Who

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For this pregnancy baby game, you will need a baby photo of each guest, numbered blank lists, and a pen or pencils. 

How To Play This Game

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When you plan a baby shower, you send invites to your guests, which is the first thing. For this pregnancy baby game, when you send invites to the guest, you will ask them to bring their baby photos. After collecting all the photos at the beginning of the baby shower, post the pictures around the party room with numbers attached to each picture. Now, distribute the number list, blank list, pen, or pencil to each guest and let them who are pictured in each picture. 

Don’t Say, Baby 

For this pregnancy baby game, you only need five clothespins per guest you are inviting. 

How To Play This Game

On the arrival of the guest, pin five clothespins onto them and tell them the instructions which don’t say ‘baby.’ Nowhere to monitor them you don’t require any particular person but since the guests are competing against each other so they will keep their ear open. If anyone hears someone is saying ‘baby,’ they will have to take away one of that person’s clothespins. The guest with the most clothespins will win. This pregnancy baby game encourages guests to interact in a fun and interesting way. 

Don’t Drop The Baby (Egg) 

For this pregnancy baby game, you need one egg for each guest, paints, food coloring, markers, one large wooden spoon for each guest. 

How To Play This Game

This is a very interesting pregnancy baby game. Give your guests one egg and ask them to decorate it with paints, markers, or whatever they want to use to make it look like a baby. After the decoration is done, then organize a race in which each guest carries the egg baby on the spoon either on hands or between teeth. This pregnancy baby game is best for an outdoor baby shower celebration. However, you can play indoors as well if you have a large indoor area that can tolerate spills. Play with hard boil eggs to avoid messy breaks. 


This is it for the pregnancy baby games that you can play with your guest on the day of the baby shower celebration so that no guest finds it boring to the baby shower. These pregnancy baby games are as interesting as they sound to you. To engage your guests more in the baby shower and to interact with one another, you must give it a try.

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