A Good Companion for Air Conditioned Room! Small but Powerful, Soft Mist Makes Your Feel Comfortable

Humidifier therapy delivers moisture to the air to avoid dryness in the body, which can cause irritation. Humidifiers are beneficial for treating dry skin, noses, throats, and lips. They can also help with the symptoms of the flu or a typical cold. Overuse of humidifiers, on the other hand, may exacerbate respiratory issues. It’s critical to understand how to use them correctly. Humidifiers are frequently divided into two categories: console and portable/personal. The purpose of console units is to add moisture to the entire house. They usually are pretty enormous, but they usually have wheels, so you can move them about quickly. 

Console units are designed to add moisture to a specific area. Central humidifiers are integrated into the air conditioning or heating system in your home. These humidifiers are the most expensive, but they’re the most excellent option if you want to add humidity to your entire home. Traditional humidifiers can cause burns due to the steam they produce. Steam is not produced by central humidifiers. Impeller humidifiers work by using rotating discs that spin at a high rate. These models are frequently less priced. They’re also among the most kid-friendly devices because they emit a cool mist that doesn’t cause burns. 

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  • Xiaomi brand
  • Capacity 120ml
  • 5 watts of power
  • The voltage (V) is 5 volts.
  • Noise <36db
  • Mist Discharge Humidification Method
  • Water-shortage
  • There is power-off protection.
  • Function Aromatherapy
  • Use Household
  • Shape cartoon
  • Application <10㎡
  • Touch-tone Humidity Control
  • Classification Humidification
  • Certification CCC
  • Aromatherapy Model Number HL
  • Number of Mist Outlets One/a
  • A.C. source kind of power
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier is a type of humidifier.
  • No timing function
  • Installation Mini
  • 300ml Mist Output (gallon per day)
  • 30ml/h Humidifying Capacity
  • Keyboard Type Operation Method
  • Size 12*9.8*9.8cm
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  • Doctors discovered that when the influenza virus was released into the air via a simulated cough, humidity quickly destroyed virus particles, making them far less contagious.
  • Making a cough more productive: Coughing in dry air might result in a dry, ineffective cough. Increasing the humidity in the air can help get more moisture into the airways, making coughing more productive. A productive cough allows trapped or sticky mucus to be released.
  • Snoring problem can also be reduced by increasing the volume of moisture in the air. If the air is dry, the airways are less likely to be adequately lubricated, which might exacerbate snoring.
  • Benefits for the home: Humidifier moisture might be beneficial in the house. Wood flooring and furniture may endure longer, and moisture-loving houseplants may become more vivid.
A cup of coffee on a table


  • Dirty humidifiers: Humidifiers convert water into breathable vapor in the air. If the water tank in the unit is contaminated, the smoke a person breaths will be foul.


Humidifiers can help persons with skin disorders or respiratory concerns who live in low-humidity environments. It’s important to note that humidifiers can’t help with underlying issues like asthma. They may be beneficial, but they should not be used as a substitute for medical care. Anyone suffering from new or worsening symptoms should switch it off and consult a doctor when using a humidifier.

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