Age Wise Amazing Baby Games For Girls!

Baby games for girls

Babies in 12 months see drastic developments and changes both mentally and physically and they are active all through their time of development. Parents should interact with their baby girls for understanding them and finding out ways of keeping them engaged in different activities. The starting of baby games for girls will be a difficult one with lots of crying and fussing. Babies tend to explore their environments with their mouths in the beginning. There are various games for building visual components and social bonding with baby girls. 

Under One-year Baby Girl Infants

Funny baby games for girls

Just born baby girls are distracted all the time and focusing their attention on one thing is so difficult. Just give them toys and see them laughing or smiling the moment they see these toys. 

From Birth Until 3 Months

Playing baby games for girls now tends to sharpen their brains from an early stage and their working senses are at its level best.  

Dance and song – Introduce your girl to the song and dance environment. Hold your baby and play a tune in the background for making them understand the taste of music. 

Identification of reflections – Hold your baby in front of the mirror and question them about themselves. Make them familiar with their close ones like a sibling or even a toy.

From 4 To 6 Months

This is the time babies start rolling or sitting so introduce your girl to some cool physical games at this time. 

Bubble distraction – Playing bubbles are quite fun and it’s best when your child is acting cranky. Blow bubbles anytime like in the park or during bath and spread happiness. 

Introducing To Scents – Allow your baby girl to sniff through the house taking in the different smells. Also teach her the difference between colors through using items like cumin, cloves, creams, soaps, etc. 

From 7 To 9 Months

Some Best baby games for girls

At this time, baby games for a girl are like transferring objects from one hand to another and start crawling at this time.  

Courses On Obstacles – Use soft objects like pillows, cushions, etc. for creating obstacles in the path and allowing them to cross obstacles and go. This helps in improving motor skills.

Playing Hide And Seek – Hide and seek is an amazing game to play with your baby girl where you can hide behind the curtains and let her find you. 

From 10 To 12 Months

During this age, your baby girl learns to stand up and pull herself up for helping in motoring skills. They develop all their features at this age.

The Game Of Imitation – Babies love imitating sounds and noises and encourage by making sounds and strange faces until they start making one too. 

Making All The Fun Movements – When your baby girl starts to walk, keep all the toys in various places and let her move to pick up her toys. This helps in creating a sense of balance in her.


Nowadays there are many mobile games as well. Give the best to your dearest daughter and make her independent.

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