Baby Bathroom Games Toilet Training Your Son

baby bathroom games

Your baby is growing up quickly. They are learning to control their bladder and bowels and are getting bigger each day. With this in mind, you may begin to think about some fun baby bathroom games to keep them occupied while taking care of business. Games are a great way to entertain and teach your baby how to be a responsible person. Here are a few baby bathroom games you can play with your baby that will help him, or her get the most out of their time in the bathroom.

Ring The Water

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The first is called ‘ring the water.’ This is best for infants up to six months old who can keep still long enough for the parent to finish the game without yelling. All you need for this game is a cup of warm water, a washcloth, some soap, and a rubber band. Put the cloth over your infant’s head and let him sit in the water. Then, cover his head with the washcloth and snap the rubber band when he tries to struggle.

Red Light Green Light

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The next game is called ‘Red Light-Green Light.’ For this one, you will again use a washcloth. Furthermore, an infant is required. The diaper needs to be placed on his bottom. You need to tell him to ‘red light’ when he squats to take a pee and ‘green light’ when he lowers himself to go to the toilet.

Before your baby knows what is happening, you are going to switch the diaper off. Take the washcloth, put it on a stick, and put some baby oil on it. Next, position him in a sitting position. Offer a small bottle of water and ask him to drink from it. When he drinks from the water, cover his nose with the washcloth. After he has used the water a few times, snap the stick into two pieces.

Toegong Baby

Toilet training is never complete without a game called ‘Toegong Baby.’ In this one, your child must stand at the toilet’s edge. Hold one of his hands over the toilet bowl. Ask him to ‘go,’ and if he does, give him a sticker that says ‘Poopoopoopee.’

Your child may not learn to stand on his own until after you have introduced toilet training into his day-to-day routine. Since one toddler may be too young for toilet training, you can incorporate this game gradually into his schedule. For example, give him a sticker when he shows the ability to sit on the toilet. Then another one when he shows the ability to stand. Keep a sticker bonus so that he continues to build on his skills.

Tell your child that he will have a fun time learning to say the alphabet and sound out the words. Have the rubber duck dive in for a treat. Then cover him with the sheet again and let him enjoy the game. When he floats to the top, reward him for a toy car! It will brighten up his day!

Final Words

Once your little one starts toilet training, baby bathroom games are a great way to help him through the scary process. Don’t forget to give him lots of praise when he is successfully trained! When he is completely housebroken, give him lots of attention!

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