Baby Games App To Make Your Child Smarter

Baby Games App

In today’s world ruled by smartphones, you cannot keep your babies away from it. No matter how many storybooks and toys you purchase for your toddler tablets and smartphones always top the list. But you may be worried that these smart devices are hindering the creativity and skill development of your baby. What if You could harness their enthusiasm for playing to enhance their learning and help to develop motor-sensory and other skills. You heard it right you could use smart devices to enhance the creativity of your baby, and the solution for this is Baby games app.

Why Do You Need A Baby Games App?

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On the one hand, these baby games apps will entertain your baby for hours, and on the other hand, will arouse their curiosity and develop intelligence and skills like creativity, coordination or memory. Lively and easy to use interfaces in baby games apps provide a fun learning opportunity for your baby. Following are the educational Baby Games App :

Best Baby Games App For Android


This developer offers numerous games for free and nominal charges to remove ads. The baby games app is most suitable for young babies. Few games are First Words for Babies, Kids Farm Game, Baby Flashcards, Animal Sounds etc. A game like 2048 is for little grownups.


This developer offers both educational and non-educational baby games apps. It is free to play with advertising. Popular educational ones are Animals Farm, Baby Zoo Piano, Learning Shapes, and Ocean Bubbles Pop.


It is one of the best baby game apps for android. There are more than 300 mini-games with a lot of interactive videos and stories. Most of the videos are available for download also. It is free with in-app purchase and also offers subscriptions.

4.Lively Mind baby games

This baby games app is best to encourage creativity in your baby. Games are filled with singing songs, simple puzzles, rhymes, music, and some general stuff like animal sounds, fireworks, balloon popping etc. You can use it for free with an advertisement, and the premium version is free of advertisement.

Best Baby Games App For Ios

1.Paint Sparkles Draw

This free baby game app brings colouring books to your phone or iPad. There are a lot of sketch options like princesses, monsters, animals etc. The options for colour and brushes.

2.Little Reader Touch

The baby game app will help to teach your children how to read. It expands vocabulary and improves communication skills.

3.Baby Finger HD

This baby game app is like an experimental blackboard for your baby. It helps to generate different shapes by touching pictures and sounds which will help your child to learn about shapes, numbers and letters.

4.Starfall ABCs

This baby game is a joyful way to learn to recognize and pronounce letters. It has different activities and also songs to sing along with to teach alphabets.


These are easy to use everyday games which will include aid in your baby’s overall brain development by uplifting their growth in language, science, math and organizational skills. Babies are like scientists always figuring out how everything around them works. Baby games apps are like experiments for their curiosity, and so is the best fun-oriented learning process for the curiosity of your baby.

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