Baby Santa’s Music Box – All The Reasons You Should Purchase One

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Kids always love to enjoy things if they have a chance to cherish the moment creatively and lovingly. They like to see cartoon movies, music videos, animated clips, etc. The media houses like Baby Einstein is a master in the art to full-fill the same. They have a nice history of introducing such kinds of beautiful direct-to-video programs, cds, books, flashcards, toys, and baby gear which are the best fit for small beauties. The baby Santa’s music box/baby Santa is the 6th Baby Einstein’s video which was released on November 1, 2000. It incorporates traditional and classical Christmas music.

Baby Santa’s Music Box – Little Gold

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This is the one and the only holiday-themed episode of Baby Einstein’s previous releases. Some characters appeared the first time and some just came for the last time in this episode. It is the first video in which classic music was given by Handel. Since the previous history of Baby Mozart to feature music from Mozart, it is the first BE video. The soundtrack cd of the baby Santa’s music box features all the heard music in it. Only the song “bring a torch” was given By Jeanette Isabella. Here in the baby Santa’s music box video, the image bank was first time featured.

Baby Santa’s Music Box – Casting Details

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Here in the baby Santa’s music box, lots of beautiful characters and some creative ones are completely grouped to give the best outcome for the fixed loving little audience. Julie Aigner-Clark worked as core creator in this video. Mark Burr produces the complete shoot. The sound department was over the shoulders of Bill Weisbach. If we talk about the players then Tom Nazziola, Bill Weisbach, Clive Smith, Aaron Darke and Sam Bardfield entered were in the squad. Markie Scholz worked as the puppeteer. The long team also came for the kid’s section that started from the Aspen Clark and ended at Ava E. Roberts (many new names and some previous ones too there). 

Baby Santa’s Music Box – Celebration Creator

The baby Santa’s music box worked as a boom box to enjoy the beautiful scenario just before Christmas time. The little ones enjoyed a lot and completely indulge themselves in the real beauty in form of musical items. That was the time which couldn’t easily forget whoever passed it.


If we talk about the overall performance of this music video, then it is the nice one. The small squads loved a lot. The baby Santa’s music box is still looking to winning more hearts. It makes the time even more special. Sharing the thrill and tradition with lights sparkling ornament makes it more popular. It is not easy to find something that will keep your kid engaged and the kind of technological attraction kids have as of now, purchasing musical products like these becomes more important to make sure they are also happily playing outside the video games. This would be primarily perfect for toddlers and can be a part of cognitive development.

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