Baby Sleep Safety: Keeping Your Baby Safe While He Or She Sleeps

Baby Sleep Safety

Nothing is more beautiful than a peacefully sleeping baby, particularly for parents whose attention can be so overtaken by the demands of day-to-day living. But even with a soft, peaceful sleep, you cannot be too careful when it comes to your baby’s safety. Babies, like toddlers, tend to crawl. So, it is important to make sure you do not leave anything loose around your home that could cause danger. Here are some helpful tips for ensuring baby safety while you’re away at work.

Baby Sleep Is Important For Their Better Health

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First, there is nothing more important for baby sleep safety than placing him or her on his back. While most people believe that a soft pillow, like a flannel or down comforter, makes a baby feel cozy and secure, the truth is that babies are not accustomed to being placed on their stomachs, even in soft, fluffy bedding. In fact, they have a hard time even trying to roll over onto their backs, much less staying there.

Also, know that any baby’s crib and other soft toys are made of soft material that makes a baby easily suffocated in his crib. These may include things like plush bears, stuffed animals and other cute accessories that make your child’s nursery look very cozy and warm. If you have soft toys, check that they are also made of soft material, not plastic or other such soft material, because these could potentially be dangerous.

Even if you put baby to bed on his stomach, be aware that baby sleep safety is more than just putting him or her on his back. The best way to ensure baby safety is to make sure that his or her crib and any other soft furniture, like rocking chairs or a soft rocking chair, is placed in an area that is not easily reachable by a toddler.

Also, when using soft toys, do not use them for prolonged periods of time. Because children tend to put toys back into their mouths after a play session, a soft toy can be a tempting option. Be careful about leaving toys on their faces because even a soft toy can be dangerous if put too close to the eyes or nose. So, whenever you are playing with your child, be sure to put the toys out of reach of your child.

Baby Sleep Safety Is Must

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Another important part of baby sleep safety is to avoid playing with small items such as small balls. and balls that are meant for play. These items may come in handy when your child is having difficulty falling asleep, or waking up. However, because they are made of soft materials, even if they are made of cotton, they can be difficult to remove from your child’s face. Thus, when they are not needed, these small objects can become choking hazards.

Tips For Better Sleep

One last piece of advice to keep in mind about baby sleep safety is to consider putting down a blanket or other baby-friendly item under the crib mattress. This will prevent your baby from jumping out of the crib. This is especially critical when your child is a little older and you will be putting him or her to bed with a friend or sibling. In fact, the most common causes of accidental suffocation among infants and toddlers are asphyxiation and suffocation from loose objects that are lying around the crib.


Finally, remember to use a firm mattress for your bed. Babies tend to put their faces against the sides of the crib or bed to rest. Putting one of your pillows between their backs and the side of the crib can keep them in place while you’re asleep.

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