Baby Sleep Schedule For A Happy Baby

Baby Sleep Schedule

The sleep pattern of babies matters a lot when it comes to keeping them happy. They must have a good sleep because a good sleep will put them up in a good mood. And we all know that the good mood of the baby determines that your day will be good. Further, it could be a tough task to understand your baby’s sleep pattern during the initial days. However, with some time, you will surely get your hands on the baby’s sleep schedule.

Further, you can even alter the baby’s sleep schedule if you put in lots of effort. You might find some obstacles at the beginning of this process. But with time, everything will fall into place. Also, you must know that every baby is different and so their sleeping patterns too. However, some general trends are the same in every baby.

Baby Sleep Schedule During The First Two Months

During the first two months, the baby will spend a total of 15-16 hours of their day sleeping. However, they might follow a cycle like eating, pooping, and sleeping during this. Also, during the initial days, the baby requires feeding frequently. Thus, your baby will be up after 2-3 hours during the day and night.

Babies are not able to make a difference between day and night. Thus, to make them aware of the difference, you must provide enough light during the day. Further, create a dark and quiet environment during the night.

Three To Five Months Old Baby

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During this time, you will find that your baby has become alert. Further, they like to spend more time interacting with you rather than sleeping. Also, babies might start to sleep for a long stretch of six hours during the night.

Further, if you have not created a nighttime routine for your baby, it is the right time. Put your baby in his crib when he is a little bit lousy but not asleep. It will help them to understand when it is time to sleep. Further, they might start taking short naps during the day.

Six To Eight Months Old

During this period, most of the babies do not require much feeding during the night. Further, during this time, the babies’ naps reduce to two to three times a day since they will be sleeping for a long period during the day.

Nine To Twelve Months Old Baby

By this time, both you and your baby will have a great sleeping routine. Also, by nine months, your baby will be sleeping for good nine to twelve hours during the night. Further, they will also be taking a morning and afternoon nap of three hours.

Furthermore, as the teething starts, the babies might see a shift in their sleeping pattern. Moreover, during this time, they will learn to crawl, stand, and new sounds.


All babies are different regarding their baby sleep schedule. You only need to figure out what things work for your baby and whatnot. Hope this guide was helpful for you.

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