Coed Baby Shower Games You Might Want To Check Out Now

coed baby shower games

Coed Baby Shower Games helps in making the party more interactive and pleasant as they can help you include other guests in the games as well. When the baby is on its way to enter the world, apart from parents, other relatives are also delighted and eager to welcome the baby. So Baby Shower is a tradition for all the loved ones to gather and share their joy for the baby who is about to come. It is the time when family and friends gather and spend time with the expectant parents and shower them with gifts, best wishes, and love for the new baby. Coed Baby Showers Games can help you bring more fun to the baby shower party.

Coed Baby Shower Games

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Usually, Baby Shower is organized for the mother and the baby, but it can be more fun if you include father-to-be too. You can invite couples to make the party more entertaining and interactive. If you are adding men to your guest list of the baby shower party, then you need Coed Baby Shower Games so that you can also involve male guests as well and avoid the awkwardness that the male guest may feel. There are various Coed Baby Shower Games that you can try at your party. For example:

Getting The Baby Ready

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It is a hilarious game in which you can include other couples as well. They can have a practice for their future. This can help you involve every couple at the party in the games. You need baby dolls, diapers, bodysuits, socks, skirts or pants, and pins. Each couple will be one team. Their one hand will be tied together in such a way that both of them can only use their right hand. They will be provided with the baby doll, clothes, diapers, etc. for getting the baby ready. After that, they will have to get the baby ready in the given time. Whoever completes the task of getting the baby ready first, will win the game.

Don’t Drop The Baby

Don’t drop the baby is one of the Coed Baby Shower Games that can be more fun if you have a large coed party. It can be played by a couple or any two people. However, this can be a little messy so prepare yourself accordingly. You just need water-filled balloons for this. A couple or any two people will form a team. One water-filled balloon will be given to each team. They have to toss the water-filled balloon back and forth. The team which has a balloon at the end will win the game.

Coed Baby Shower Games – Don’t Say

If you are attending a baby shower, it is difficult to resist saying the word baby. In this game, you need to find a way not to speak the word baby. You just need diaper pins or clothes pins for this game. You need to hand these pins to all the guests and tell them to wear them on their clothes. They are not allowed to say the word baby until the gifts are opened. If any of the guest speak the word then the other guest who heard them speak can steal their pins. After the unwrapping of the gifts is completed, then the guest who has the most number of pins will win the game.


Coed Baby Shower Games can make the baby shower party more fun and entertaining. There are various games like don’t say, don’t drop the baby, and many more. They can help you make the party more interactive as it can help you in involving all the guests in the games.

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