Don’t Hold Baby For Sleep – Simple Solutions to Help Your Baby Fall Asleep Without You

baby won't sleep unless held

Have you ever noticed that your baby won’t sleep unless held? It’s a strange anomaly, to say the least. A lot of parents feel as if they’ve spent so much time with their children, they’ve developed a bond and won’t risk losing it again. The simple fact is though if you’re putting these tiny, fragile, precious bodies under a full-body harness for any prolonged period of time, you need to be very careful. Your baby’s life could depend on it!

There are many ways in which your baby may be held, and some of them aren’t safe at all. The safest way to hold a baby is by using a high chair. This is the most common way, but it can lead to several problems. The first is, as mentioned above, SIDS. The other problems associated with holding a baby too long are drownings, which are also very common and can lead to death. This is why it’s imperative that you only hold your baby for a limited amount of time, ideally only a few minutes at most.

Holding a baby too long will not help his or her temperament towards sleep or even at all. In fact, by holding a baby too long, he or she will be more likely to wake up. Many babies won’t sleep unless they are breastfed, and when they do, the mother is usually held for longer periods of time. It’s an unnatural and unhealthy way to feed babies and can cause several health problems.

Baby Won’t Sleep Unless Held

A person lying on a bed

If your baby won’t sleep unless held, there are ways in which you can help alleviate this problem. One way is to hold a baby so that his or her feet or head are higher than his or her back, to help prevent them from falling asleep in bed. Other ways are to position the baby on his or her side so that his or her forearms are resting on your shoulders and to avoid putting the baby into bed with you if you’re on your hands and knees.

You can also try different types of toys to hold a baby still. Some parents swear by baby rockers, which can hold the baby in a prone position for calming and soothing. Others prefer singing teething rings, which will help with the development of the gums and bite muscles. These toys are meant to promote a sense of security and calmness in a baby, helping him or her fall asleep faster and more easily.

A Much Ado

A person holding a baby

Other ways to help a baby won’t sleep unless held are simply to offer him or her a toy or tell him or her to stay quiet, which can be hard sometimes. One thing you can do, however, to make sure your baby feels safe and secure is to set him or her down in a dark, quiet room for about 15 minutes, and then talk to the baby softly, and hold him or her close to you. This can provide the much-needed security and comfort that the little one needs when you’re both trying to sleep. You can also try singing a lullaby to help the baby get to sleep, or playing some soothing music, especially if it’s in the baby’s crib. This may only be helpful for the first few nights; the baby will probably sleep better once he or she is older and can sleep by himself or herself.

If after a few nights of good sleep your baby won’t sleep on his or her own, then there might be a problem. Your baby may be having difficulty getting to sleep because he or she is too tired. If so, you’ll want to offer your baby a snack to help him or her feel more relaxed. A bottle of milk or formula is usually enough to do this, though you may want to give your baby a melatonin tablet, which helps to make the stomach more relaxed at night.

Bottom Line

If none of these options work, there are other things that you can do to help the baby fall asleep without you holding him or her. One option is to place a warm bath over his or her back, which simulates the feeling of being held by a parent. Another option is to give your baby a warm book to read as he or she snuggles up in his or her favorite baby blanket. These ideas may seem like simple solutions, but they can be extremely helpful when you need to put the baby down for the night and don’t want to be bothered with the inconvenience of holding him or her.

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