Easy Barbie Makeup Application

barbie makeup

It’s not easy to learn how to apply Barbie makeup. It requires time and patience to apply it correctly. If you want to become a pro, you need to practice and make lots of mistakes until you get it right. With some time and practice, you will have a flawless Barbie doll appearance to show off to family and friends. Take time to prepare your face for makeup:

Start with a clean, dry face. Use a highlighter to highlight your brow bones. Highlighters come in different intensities and are available in liquids, powders, and cream highlighters. You can purchase a makeup compact to store your Barbie makeup products, or you may use a cosmetic bag containing the highlighter.

Apply a light shade of highlighter on the top of your eyelid and blend outward to the corner of your eye. Brush your teeth with a large dab of blush. Do not use the entire dab; leave a tiny corner behind to give an extra hint of the blush color. Apply the blush brush to your entire face, including your jaw line. Make sure the brush goes from the edge of your chin up to the corner of your mouth.

An Overview

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Lightly brush your lips with a lip pencil or lip gloss and add two coats of lipstick. Be careful to choose the correct color of lipstick–there is a wide variety available. Apply the darker foundation shade over your entire face. Using a translucent powder, pat the foundation over your face until it is blended into your cheeks.

To complete your look, use a curling iron to lightly tweeze your hair back from your face and add two baby dollops of mascara. Finish your look off with a pair of beautiful Barbie eyelashes. To apply the lashes, take a highlighter gel along with one tiny brush and slowly apply to the outer edge of each eyelash. Stroke the highlighter gel from the outside of your eyelashes towards the middle, blending the eyesocket.

You can create several eye shadow effects with Barbie makeup brushes. For a Halloween-inspired look, take a highlighter gel and lightly brush it over the upper and lower lids. For a cute and sweet look, use a highlighter to highlight your lips. For a fun look, dab the highlighter on your eye-lid area. For a dramatic look, dab the highlighter at the inner corners.

Barbie Makeup Application

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Makeup artists often recommend using a fluffy brush and some sponges for applying blush. A sponge dipped in baby oil makes a nice makeup brush. If you’re applying blushes to your entire face, you can tap some into the middle of your cheekbones and lightly brush the blush to your jaw line. If you are applying a more concentrated blush to a particular area, like the lower lash line of your eye, dab the blush at that spot and then blend the blush into the outer corner of your eye. Don’t worry about getting your eyelashes too smoky because sometimes you need more than one coat of blush.

Blush is one of the easiest steps to complete the Barbie makeup look. With an eyeshadow palette, you can easily add two shades of your favorite color or any tint that will enhance your natural coloring. If you want to add two shades of mascara, dab the mascara onto a clean cotton swab and gently brush into place. If you need to add two coats of eyeshadow, simply put them on separately but don’t mix them up.

After applying your eye shadow, you will want to apply a medium shade of the foundation. When applying foundation, it’s important to not apply too much so that you have a natural look. This foundation also helps to lock in your eye color and provide a smooth surface for your eyeliner. After applying the foundation, apply a translucent powder foundation over your entire face and blend with a sponge until it covers your entire face. It’s best to practice applying foundation by blending a bit of powder makeup on your hand before applying it to your face.

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