Effects of Playing Classical Music for Baby in Womb

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There are many discussions on whether playing classical music for  baby in the womb is helpful or not. Some feel it will give the baby an educational head start, while some feel that it is useless. So, before you switch on to Mozart, you must read the mentioned-below benefits of classical music.


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It has been proved that a fetus’s ability to hear begins to develop during the second trimester. But, whether an in-utero concerto offers a head start in education or musical career has not been proven yet. Some believe that it can be harmful as it signals the beginning of very pushy parents. Such parents tend to put too much pressure and emphasis on achievement at an unbelievably early age. Fetushood, babyhood and childhood are times of simple pleasures and parents should not put any undue pressures on the children to adopt something they might not actually be interested in. 

There is a theoretical risk that parents unwittingly disrupt the natural sleep patterns of their fetus as they attempt to turn the womb into a classroom. This actually hampers the development of the child instead of nurturing it properly.


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If you do not focus on in-utero concerto as an educational means, and only make the fetus listen to rich music and language, it can just be seen as a means for parents to bond better with their baby. Just like speaking or reading to your baby in the womb does not guarantee a scholarship to Harvard, but does guarantee that your baby recognizes your voice. Your baby can also recognize your voice if you spend a lot of time in general talking to your baby.

Playing classical music for the baby while in womb may also increase the likelihood that the baby will appreciate and even be soothed by the same music when it has come out of the womb. Apart from music, stroking your abdomen will also make the baby recognize your touch and be soothed by it. It is better to make the baby listen to classical music once it is out of the womb. It is better to have Mozart and Bach handy for your baby when it has actually arrived in this world. 

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There is a concept that playing classical music for your baby bump will make your child more intelligent. This concept came up in the 1990s. But in reality, there is little proof to it. Psychologist Frances Rauscher’s study proved that there is a small link between IQ and listening to Mozart. How this theory came to applied for newborns or unborn babies is still a mystery.

So, if you want you can play classical music for baby in womb, not with the mind-set that you will give birth to an Ivy-league child, but with the intention of bonding better with your child.

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