Funny Baby Shower Game Ideas That Can Bring A Smile To Mom’s Face

funny baby shower games

Planning a baby shower can be very fun! However, planning a successful one that incorporates funny baby shower games into it is a whole other story. In order to make sure that your baby shower will be a success, you need to come up with a few game ideas that you and your party planning team can use to make your baby shower unique and memorable. The more unique the baby shower games are, the more fun they will be for everyone who comes and participate in them.

An Overview

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While playing funny baby shower games is certainly a lot of fun, it’s important to remember that the games need to be kept appropriate and within the decorum of the party. How many games should be played at a baby shower? Usually between two to three games is sufficient to get guests interacting, mingling, and keeping them amused, while allowing enough time for all of them to interact with each other and the expectant mother. If you play too many games, you may find yourself overwhelmed trying to fit everything in, and that’s never fun. So, stick to the basics: two or three matches for the adults and one or two games for the children.

The two most popular funny baby shower games that guests love the most are “Who says Baby” and “Guess the Shower”. Both of these games are fairly easy to plan, though slightly more involved than the traditional shower game. For “Who says Baby”, guests need to purchase an item from a list provided to them at the shower. Then, each guest is asked to say the name of the item that he or she thinks the best matches the gift that the other guest is going to receive.

Baby Shower Game Ideas

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For “Guess the Shower”, the shower organizer may ask each guest to bring a small item such as a clothespin, a rubber band, or an unused baby doll. All of the guests are then asked to think of items that they “borrowed” from their friend or family member that they would like to give to the expectant mother. For example, if the friend or family member brought along three bachelorette party dresses, each guest is asked to name one dress that they don’t currently have. The guests are then given a time limit, and the one who brings the least number of borrowed items wins the game.

For “Word Baby”, the funny baby shower games are broken up into different sections: the participants are asked to write down as many words as they can related to the title of the expectant mom’s new baby. The mom-to-be will read all of the words that are written by the guests, and the guests who have the most words at the end of the period of time are the winners. The person with the most words at the end of the time period is deemed the winner. The guests may also be asked to guess the number of words that will come from the new baby’s mouth.

Another funny baby shower games that you can play is “Pin the Diaper on the Baby.” In this game, the guests are asked to cover their belly with a diaper bag, and the mom-to-be is told to take the diaper bag and place it on her baby’s bottom. Guests are allowed to touch the bag, but they are not allowed to smudge the diaper or put anything else on the baby’s bottom. If a guest does this, they will have to clean it up with a clean piece of cloth.

Other fun baby shower games that you can play are bingo games and trivia games. During the baby shower, the guests will be asked to guess as many of the specifics about the upcoming child as possible. They will have 3 minutes to answer as many of the questions as possible. There are many games that you can play to help guests relax and have a good time. The more fun the guests have, the more fun the expectant parents will have as well.

In The End

Some other funny baby shower game ideas include “Who’s got the most to eat?” If you are going to have a food-related game, you might as well include a prize for the winner. You can give away an inexpensive baby gift basket or even create a prize out of some baby related supplies. It’s always nice to have something to give away because it keeps the party alive and hopping, and it’s a great way to thank the guests for coming.

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