How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night – Using Music To Help Your Baby To Settle In

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Does your baby enjoy music? If he or she does, you’re probably well aware of the positive benefits it can have on a baby’s sleep patterns. It’s been proven that certain tones and pulses can help stimulate baby’s sleeping mind and body. In fact, some doctors believe that certain notes have a calming effect on newborn babies! So what music should you give your baby to soothe him or her?

Certain Sounds

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Certain sounds are very soothing to baby sleeping music says Kim West, an internationally-recognized clinical social worker and the author of “Singing for Babies: Choosing Songs to Aid Sleep.” ” peaceful” is the best way to describe a sound that relaxes babies. ” comforting,” on the other hand, may refer to any tone or pulse that calms a person, even on the surface. Rockabye Baby, an L.A. music company specializing in lullabies, provides a special list of nature sounds that are said to be soothing to babies.

Consistent Bedtime Routine

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One way to get your baby to fall asleep faster at night is to consistently put him or her to bed with a consistent bedtime routine. “PAINDRESS,” the song by Philip Glass, is often used to start a bedtime routine. The song is about a mother who sits by her child and gives love and attention. This is one of the most effective songs to use with your baby. Consistency will make it easier for baby to fall asleep.

A consistent bedtime routine will also help children grow up doing what mom and dad asked them to do: singing. If you decide to give your child an album of baby sleeping music sing along as he or she sleeps, the singing will help them develop a good singing voice. Many parents find that they themselves develop a pleasant singing voice as their children grow older.

Playing Baby Soft Music

As with anything else, music does not have to be sung to help baby sleep. In fact, studies have shown that playing baby soft music while your baby is asleep helps him or her relax. Soft tunes can help a baby develop a sleeping routine. You and your baby can sing along as you read a book, take a bath, or as you prepare dinner.

Many studies show that singing to your baby can have therapeutic effects. A German study revealed that singing to your baby can actually help him or her relax. Other studies have revealed that babies who were sung to sleep by their mothers showed an increase in breathing and heart rate. Singing to your baby has also been shown to help babies memorize words, learn nursery rhymes, and enjoy singing songs. Even your baby will enjoy singing silly baby songs during the night.

Last Words 

If you want to learn more about music for your baby’s development and how to get your baby to sleep through the night, do a web search. There are many great baby books available that have hundreds of safe, gentle, and meaningful songs for your precious little one. Listen to your baby as he or she plays with and sing along to these gentle sounds of music.

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