How To Sleep Like A Baby

sleep like a baby

If you miss one night’s sleep, it takes our brain 4 days to recover. Sleeping is one of those activities which is overlooked by our generation. Thousands of people are suffering from inconsistent and disturbed sleep patterns. They all struggle to sleep on time and instead spend their whole nights in front of the screen in the hope sleep will come to them. The problem behind not able to get  proper sleep is that most people daily indulge in habits that indirectly affects their sleep and don’t even realize that, So here are tips for you to get a good night sleep


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The human mind is like a pet. Whatever you teach, it will follow. So the problem with most of us is that we do not have fixed schedules and routines. If you eat your lunch every day at 1 pm then automatically you will start feeling hungry and the same is with sleeping. If you fix a time of your bedtime and just remain consistent on it for 21 days, automatically your mind will be trained to sleep at that time but the problem is that we try to fall asleep for 10 minutes and if it doesn’t happen we start using our mobiles or watching TV. Initially, you may not fall asleep as soon as you go to bedtime but eventually, your body will adapt to it.


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Most of us are under the perception that exercise is for muscle building or weight loss only but this is not true. Exercise has lots of other benefits and one of them is improved sleep quality. Just 3o minutes of exercise can improve your sleep quality by 1 or 2 hours. It doesn’t take time to show this effect, the day you exercise is the day you will sleep like a baby and you can check for yourself by just exercising on that day and notice the quality of your sleep.

Screen time

8 out of 10 people today just before sleeping is engaged in a screen whether it is a mobile, laptop, or Tv which is why sleep doesn’t come naturally to us. Research shows that blue light emitted from screens hamper melatonin production which is responsible for the sleep cycle of your body. Blue light is perceived as daylight by our brain and disturbs our internal cycle which is the reason most people cannot sleep just after putting their phones aside and need to watch them till they get exhausted. Also, mobile phones keep our mind psychologically involved, so one should try not to engage on-screen at least 30 mins before sleep time instead of reading a book or meditating.

Alcohol and caffeine

Many people use alcohol to fall asleep and are under the perception that it helps them fall asleep but is quite the opposite. Alcohol disrupts much deeper cycles and gradually you start developing alcohol dependence. One should also not take caffeine after 5 – 6 pm as its impact lasts for 8 hours and can disrupt your sleep.


Good sleep helps us make better decisions, uplifts mood and improves productivity. If we start changing habits that indirectly impact our sleep cycles then it is not that hard to get a good sleep. Disrupting sleep is never a good idea in the long term and if you are one of those who consider yourself a night owl chances are it’s your sleep cycle that is messed up and not some trait of yours.

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