My Baby Wont Sleep in Bassinet

baby won't sleep in bassinet

My baby won’t sleep in a bassinet anymore. Now, I know you might think this is a good thing, since you just bought a bassinet and it is probably just a matter of time before your baby learns how to sleep on her own. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. This article explains what I did to get my baby back to sleeping in her bassinet.

Baby Might Not Be Comfortable

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Baby is now 2 months old. I am having a real tough time getting her to fall asleep in her bassinet again (Halo swivel adjustable sleeper). Usually she falls asleep on me first, but by the time I have had a chance to put her in the bassinet and get her to lay down, she is usually awake and crying for quite a while before she falls asleep again. This really bugged me to no end. If this situation continues, we are looking at potentially moving another bassinet next month.

So, how can we make sure that she is going to be sleeping in a bassinet when we go to get her? Well, the answer is simple. Every night, before we put her to bed, we should make sure that she is in a bassinet. This may seem like overkill, since she is probably only sleeping in it for a couple of hours per night, but you never know when she might wake up and need someone to listen to her. You don’t want to take the chance of her waking up and being woken up by someone else’s restless baby.

To start, position the crib next to the sleeping area in the bedroom. This will allow you to hear the baby’s breathing while still being in the room. Now go ahead and strap the baby into the crib and fasten the straps. If you are using an infant swing, ensure that it will fit snugly into the crib, if not ask the store to see if it can be modified.

Now place the baby on the side and talk softly to her. Don’t start talking to her right away though, wait until she has settled down and starts to fall asleep. When she does, tell her to wake up. Once you have told her to wake up talk to her quietly. Make sure she hears everything that you say. Once you think she has sufficiently stirred, repeat your steps: talk gently, place the baby back in the crib and fasten the straps.

Self-awareness Is Important

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This may sound odd, but the next day, try to get your baby back into the bassinet. If she tries to climb out, talk to her quietly again. Let her know that you will return and that you will be right back with her. If she tries to jump out of the bassinet, talk to her softly once again. Once you have her lying in the bassinet, fasten the straps around her waist and turn on the air pump to start the air flowing through the tubes.

Knows To Handle Emotions

You might have to do this several times until she gets the idea. As long as you keep talking to her, she should soon fall asleep again. This is because babies learn from repetition. Eventually, when you go to change the diaper, or even during the night, you can talk to her quietly to put her down in the bassinet. She will learn that when you wake her up in the middle of the night to put her down in the bassinet, she always wants to go to sleep there.

Last Words

If all else fails, consult a doctor. There are certain medical conditions which can prevent your baby from sleeping in a bassinet or keeping her from falling asleep easily. If none of those work, your baby could be having a serious brain disorder. See a doctor and get it fixed.

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