Newborn Baby Sleep Patterns And Schedules For New Moms

Newborn Baby Sleep

A newborn’s sleeping schedule can be very confusing at first. Parents tend to be awake day and night to keep a check on the baby. Usually, newborns sleep mostly throughout the day and night and tend to wake up only when hungry. Being in the womb, a baby doesn’t know the concept of ‘sleeping at night’. They will sleep whenever they feel like it. They could even get confused about thinking that they should be awake at night and sleeping the day. Newborn baby sleep pattern slowly starts to evolve and adapt to the sleep cycle of the parents.

The Changes In Newborn Baby Sleep Schedules

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0 to 6 weeks – This is the period where the baby will sleep through most of the day and night and will only wake up when it’s time for feeding. All the things your newborn will do is eat, sleep, and poop. And that is completely normal. You don’t have to be worried about our baby sleeping ‘too much’. The baby will not have any pattern or schedule in this period, and the sleep ad eat times will be unpredictable. Wondering if you will ever get to sleep again? Don’t worry, you will.

2 to 3 months: As we said, you will get sleep. Because in this period, the newborn will start to develop a pattern. The newborn baby’s sleep pattern will start to get predictable. Even so, your baby won’t be awake for long. They will still be sleeping for the major part of the day but will sleep and wake at predictable times. This will allow you to understand when you get to sleep and when you have to be awake to feed your little munchkin.

4 to 6 months: After three months, the newborn will start to develop a new sleep pattern. It is also called the transitioning phase. It could mostly be either two naps a day, or you could still be trying to put your baby to sleep when it’s their nap time. Although, now your baby will have long naps. Yes, you are right. You will finally start getting a full night’s sleep.

Newborn Baby Sleep

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After six months – Always remember, every baby is different. Hence every baby develops differently, too. If your first baby or someone else’s baby sleeps more or less than your baby, it’s completely normal. There is absolutely nothing to be worried about. After six months, your baby may sleep throughout the night and take just a few naps during the day. They would spend most of the day playing and being cute for you to click lots of pictures. There could be some changes after 6 months Unlike the first few months.


Newborn baby sleep gets easier and more understandable over some time. Always make sure you keep your baby’s sleeping place safely. That means, avoid any loose objects. Being a parent, you will know when there’s something wrong or strange. That’s when you call your pediatrician. If there are any gaps between the newborn baby sleep times, don’t forget to click cute, adorable pics!

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