Parent’s Guide To Safe Baby Sleep On The Stomach!

Baby sleep on the stomach

Do your baby sleep on the stomach? Babies are so precious that parents always try keeping them safe and protected, even when they are sleeping. The question disturbing parents a lot is how to put this tiny creature to bed? There is no shortage of advice that you will be receiving from people when you have a newborn baby. 

Some Official Recommendations

Parents always want the best for their babies and so, some recommendations of best sleeping places are:

  1. On backs
  2. On a flat or firm surface
  3. In a crib with pillows, toys, etc.
  4. In a shared room with other babies as well. 
baby sleep on the stomach safely

But it is always not necessary that babies are sleeping in these exact places. Sometimes the baby sleeps on the stomach as well and you might be worried whether it is getting enough sleep or not. If they are moving themselves to the stomach side, then it is completely fine. 

What If Babies Roll Themselves To Your Stomach?

Even though you are likely to put your baby to his crib for sleeping, sometimes while he is in your back, he tends to roll to your stomach. This is normal and you can let him sleep in that position without any worry. There are some risks if the baby is under 1 year but the baby sleep on the stomach is thought to be normal only. 

Babies keep on rolling in both directions because they want to be safe and when they are constantly doing so, they tend to land on your stomach. If they are doing so, put them on your back gently. 

Make your baby sleep on the stomach sound

What If Your Newborn Baby Sleep On The Stomach?

Swaddling is becoming popular nowadays but there can be concerns if someone has hip problems. Try swaddling babies on their backs for keeping them in a safe environment without any pillows or blankets. Many newborn babies love sleeping only on the tummy as he has stayed inside for 9 months and he knows that he will be safe there. Let your baby sleep until he is calm and once you have got the control, gently put him on the bed. 

Talking To Health Care Provider

There are no such possibilities of knowing why a baby sleep on the stomach and this is something only a health care provider can solve. Discuss with them and ask if this is completely normal. Tummy might not be the best place to sleep as babies are rolling on both sides continuously. 

Stay alert when he is sleeping on your tummy to prevent him from falling. A baby can roll off any second and you have to be prepared for the moment. 


Sleeping on the stomach is fine if they think it is a safe environment to be in but put them in bed once they are fast asleep. Sleeping on their back is the best position and trying to do that. This can be hard late at night but you always want the best for your child! Once the newborn phase passes only then you can sleep peacefully.

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