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Hush Little Baby

“Hush Little Baby” by Barbara Deutsch is a sweet little story written in third person perspective. It takes place at a hospital where the baby is in the nursery while his parents, a pediatrician and nurse’s assistant are out in the hallway.

Suddenly the baby starts to cry. He can’t hold it back any longer. The mother is in her room getting ready for work. The father, who has just come home from a long day at work, is relaxing in front of the television when he hears the crying.

He goes to investigate and finds the father lying on the floor near the baby. He is covered in sweat and unable to control his temper.

Suddenly the baby begins to fuss again and the father becomes irritated. He goes back to his room and is locked out of the mother’s room.

What’s Happens In “Hush Little Baby”?

The Story "Hush Little Baby"
The Story “Hush Little Baby”

When the mother’s room is unlocked, the father notices the baby lying in a blue blanket on a table. The baby has been covered in a yellow ball of fat. The father immediately thinks that the baby has contracted a cold and is in for a nasty case of pneumonia if it isn’t treated right away.

He makes an appointment with the pediatrician and takes along a bag of medicine with him. The father knows that the baby is probably not a candidate for surgery, so he decides to try a few different remedies first. He also decides that he needs to make an appointment to see a nurse’s aide since he seems to have a knack for getting his way.

He tells the nurse’s aide about the baby and she informs the father that there is a chance that the baby might be allergic to some of the medicine he has prescribed for the baby. As a result the doctor suggests that the father take another dose of the medicine. However, the doctor does not inform the father that the baby will likely be allergic to the medicine since it is a medicine made specifically for infants.

The father is angry and starts to leave but the nurse. Tells him that since he was not told that the medicine. Would cause a reaction, he cannot leave until the next morning. That is when the father realizes that he may have. Made a big mistake by telling the nurse that the baby may have a cold.

The Plot

Why is "Hush Little Baby" so Popular?
Why is “Hush Little Baby” so Popular?

The father decides to wait another day and then he is very surprised. To find that the medicine is causing hush little baby symptoms. After the father gives the nurse the prescription for a cold remedy. The nurse informs the father that the medicine may be too strong for the baby.

The father is not able to come up with another treatment for the hush little baby symptoms. The mother realizes that her husband is in way over. His head and decides to go out for a coffee break. After taking her husband’s advice, she heads out to the doctor’s office to see if she can find a remedy.

She walks in the doctor’s office and asks for the name of a doctor who specializes in allergies. As she wants to know what hush little baby symptoms are. She finds out that the baby might have a cold.

The doctor tells her that he is allergic to the medicine. And that the hush little baby is allergic to aspirin. He also tells her that he is allergic to a small amount of the medicine.

The Ending

However, he cautions her that since hush little babies normally do not suffer from stomach problems or breathing issues. There may be other problems causing the hush little baby symptoms. The mother decides to go back to the pediatrician for advice. Hoping to get a better idea of what is causing the hush little baby’s hush.

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