Relax With Baby Bedtime Music

baby bedtime music

It’s a well known fact that babies are receptive to certain types of music. Babies have been shown to respond to melodic patterns and rhythms, regardless of whether those patterns are familiar or not. The same is true for music and sleep. While certain types of music may have an impact on baby’s sleep cycles, too much of a good thing can be just as bad.

Some baby books and CD’s, geared toward certain age groups, can cause a baby’s sleep cycle to become imbalanced. This can occur when a baby is exposed to repetitive sounds over an extended period of time. These can be sounds with a “paddling” tone or a repetitive tempo. Unfortunately, this type of sound will not aid in baby’s development nor does it create a calmer, more restful sleep.\

An Overview

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Many parents are tempted to use commercial baby bedtime music, which has been proven to work. However, this is not a proven method. Commercial recordings may have the greatest volume; they also may use harsh tones or background sounds that are distracting. This can be counterproductive. Instead of using baby bedtime music, try looking for something that has a soft, comforting tone and a steady beat.

Soft baby lullabies are excellent choices. They are sung in a baby’s sleep, so there is no jarring impact upon the baby’s senses. You should look for a song that has a gentle yet soothing tone. It is better to choose a lullaby song than one that is very loud.

If you cannot find any baby bedtime music that is calming and soothing, you can use a tape or cd of your own making. The goal is to provide your baby with background noise during their nap or sleep. Choose soft, mellow sounds that do not have a lot of volume. The result will be that your baby will relax more because there is less ambient noise.

If you decide to make your own baby bedtime music, choose carefully. Babies have strong tastes. The type of music you use may be totally inappropriate for a baby that just started sleeping through a whole REM cycle. If you are looking for specific tones or beats, you will probably not be successful. However, if you listen to some older music, it may work.

Baby Bedtime Music

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A good place to start is with lullabies. Your baby is likely to fall asleep easily with the beautiful sounds of a parent singing to them. If you cannot sing, play some baby bedtime music on the radio. You can also play it at a low volume. This way, the baby hears the sound and will relax.

Once your baby starts getting used to the baby bedtime music, move on to different tunes. Some baby music is very soothing, but has a fun tone. Others have an old-fashioned feel. Whatever your choices, make sure you keep your baby’s comfort and safety in mind when choosing the music.

If you are considering using baby bedtime music, you may want to consider using background music in your nursery too. Many parents set the mood for their baby by using gentle music for their nursery activities. You can easily find soft baby songs that will help to set the mood for your baby.

Choose baby bedtime music that you will enjoy listening to as well. If you do not have the best tunes, chances are your baby will not either. When selecting baby bedtime music, make sure it contains only gentle and familiar sounds. A rocking or tapping rhythm is often a good choice.

In The End

Be careful about having too much baby bedtime music. It can become overwhelming and confusing for your baby. In the early weeks and months, you may find it difficult to tell the difference between hip hop, rap, and ballad. This is where it can get difficult. You want to be able to transition from one genre to the other seamlessly.

The first few months of your baby’s life are very special. Although most moms are confident that they create the perfect little world for their baby, some still feel a little overwhelmed with all the excitement. Remember that it is perfectly fine to have a small collection of baby bedtime music. As long as it contains gentle and comforting sounds, you will be all right. Just remember to relax and let nature take its course.

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