Songs To Make Baby Sleep – Two Songs To Calm A Raging Baby

songs to make baby sleep

In this article you will discover the top 5 songs to make baby sleep. This is by no means a comprehensive list but rather a starting point for suggestions to help get your baby to fall asleep quickly and peacefully. The purpose of this article is to get you pointed in the proper direction of which songs are best for you and your baby. Sleep is extremely important to your baby and it affects his or her mood and disposition as well. If your baby has not had a good night’s sleep, he or she is more than likely irritable and anxious. When this happens you need to find out what is causing this and figure out a solution.

Using Classical Music For Baby To Sleep Is A Wrong Choice

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Many parents make the mistake of using classical music to make their baby sleep. I’m sure you have heard that your baby has a favorite lullaby or favorite toy but the truth is classical music can be very hard on the ears of babies. That’s why most new parents are told to steer clear of the piano and play lullabies or songs with softer tones.

The video includes soothing music from a classical singer such as Mozart or Handel. It’s called Enjoy the Music, available on CDs. It uses gentle music, a white noise background, and flashing lights to set the mood right for you and your baby. This video includes calming music played while you are massaging your little one in a rocking chair. It’s a great way to calm them down without having to use any harsh noises.

Lullaby Songs Sung In A Foreign Language

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Another great video includes lullaby songs sung in a foreign language. It’s called Baby Lovers by Siembra, which is a beautiful album full of love songs to help babies sleep through the night. One of the songs even advises listeners to sing along if they can’t understand a word. This one is very helpful because many babies aren’t very good at singing and can often get frustrated when trying to get a lullaby to help them sleep.

In this video, the author of the song explains that babies can be comforted by using musical tones, rhythms, and flashing lights. The author also shows how to use music and colors in the right order to help your little one to relax. If you are worried that your baby might fall asleep through the video, the author assures you that none of the songs actually have anything to do with falling asleep.

Calm Babies And Quiet Their Nerves

Music and color work together well to help calm babies and quiet their nerves. Babies are very sensitive to visual stimuli. Many studies have shown that babies who are exposed to visuals (particularly moving pictures) will sleep better than those who are not. This particular video runs along similar lines. It also contains fun audio sounds, like a baby version of “Goodnight, Moon, Goodnight, Gorilla”, and ad breaks.

Final Words

Using songs to make baby sleep is a good idea to encourage and calm a crying baby. This song seems to be able to both calm and soothe babies. I think this particular song may also help baby memorize what it is they are doing. Another song that comes to mind when thinking about this is “Goodnight, Moon, Goodnight, Gorilla”. This song contains a wonderful harmony, and a soothing, relaxing instrumental that will help baby go to sleep.

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