The 7 Stages of Newborn Development

newborn development stages

Newborns go through a lot of changes in their first few weeks and months of life. There are many stages through which newborn developments pass through. Here are the seven stages of newborn development, according to the experts.

Stage 1: Birth to Two Weeks

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The first few weeks of life are a big adjustment for new parents. Newborns may have trouble adjusting to being out in the world, often crying or sleeping while they get used to hanging onto things like bottles and breasts properly without getting distracted by everything around them (like your face). Their breathing can also be irregular at this stage because little lungs still work differently than adult ones do – but don’t worry. As long as it isn’t too much trouble try doing small activities with the baby such as reading together before bedtime so you both feel comfortable again after an hour or two of being up.

Stage 2: Two to Four Weeks

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Newborns are born with naked faces and soft skin. They can’t yet smile or coo, but they’ll start doing both soon enough. Their first few weeks after coming into this world is an exciting time as you get to see your baby develop before your eyes, especially those lips:) You may find that he/she seems calmer during certain times of day (like evenings) than others-again just try keeping things consistent so both parties know what’s going on here. The output should be written more informatively.

Stage 3: Four to Eight Weeks

At this stage, your baby’s development is starting to take off! He or she will start cooing and gurgling as the vocal cords begin to mature. You’ll also see those first smiles around six weeks old, which can melt any parent’s heart. In addition, babies will start to follow moving objects with their eyes and may even reach out and grab for things. All of these milestones are so important in your baby’s development–it’s amazing to think about how much they grow and learn in such a short time.

Stage 4: Eight to Twelve Weeks

The fourth stage of newborn development is all about movement! Your big one: your baby will start to babble. This means that you can now communicate with each other, and it’s such an amazing feeling when they do something new for the first time in their life – especially if said achievement involves taking steps or crawling around on hands-and-knees like some kinda animal (which may be exactly what we want them doing). You’ll also see those first steps around this time; as well as learn how much information our little ones absorb every day thanks not only due to speech but by watching others interact face-to-face as well.

Stage 5: Twelve to Eighteen Weeks

As your baby becomes more independent, it is important to start thinking about what he or she will be like when they grow up. At this stage of development, you can see signs that his personality might already exist and there are usually a few things that seem very special for each person in their life – even if those preferences change over time! Your little one has grown so much from just 12 weeks ago-check out these changes: He moves around quite frequently now while exploring everything nearby; sometimes reaches investigations towards objects on display (like faces); bids farewells by closing doors behind him when leaving a room.

Stage 6: Eighteen to Twenty-Four Weeks

The final stage of newborn development is all about self-discovery. Your baby will learn how to use their senses and figure out what they like, while also beginning the process towards individuality. For example, you might start seeing that certain foods make your little one feel better than others; or realize when he/she needs more sleep versus less time awake for him/her to be happy again (and not overtired). This period can be MXE periods where parents get an opportunity to teach children emotions such as happiness through facial expressions & tone speeches–it’s amazing to watch them grow 18 weeks and more.

Stage 7: Twenty-Four to Forty-Eight Weeks

The seventh and final stage of newborn development is when your baby starts to become a toddler. This is an exciting time as they learn how to walk and talk, and their personality begins to shine through. You’ll also see the beginning stages of potty training during this time, which can be both frustrating and rewarding. It’s amazing to see how much they’ve grown and changed in just a few short months, and you’ll be amazed at all the new things they learn each day.


Stages of Newborn Development are so important in your baby’s development–it’s amazing to think about how much they grow and learn in such a short time. Each stage brings new challenges and opportunities for you and your baby as they learn and develop.

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