The Best Baby Sleep Songs

baby sleep songs

Studies have shown that the noises children make while asleep has a profound effect on their state of mind and their ability to sleep. While it may seem silly to pick out a lullaby for your crying little one, the effect it has on their health and even their performance at school is undeniable.

Lullabies With Rhythm Are Ideal

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So what exactly should be in a good song for your baby? Well, according to Kelly Lambert, PhD and a developmental psychologist at the University of British Columbia in Canada, “lullabies with rhythm are ideal”. Why? ” rhythms excite the brain’s alpha wave, which enables you to fall into deep REM (or dream) sleep. This helps your baby to fall asleep faster.” Other songs are also helpful for babies to relax and unwind – like lullabies, songs that can be played in the background, even while your baby is sleeping.

When choosing a song for your baby, take into consideration the mood and tone of the song. “The Crying Tree” by Shrek is one example. This song provides a perfect calm and soothing tone for the day as well as the night. Another great song for babies is “Goodnight, Sleep Tight”. The gentle music is a great choice for baby’s bedtime.

Some Examples

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As the baby grows, you will want to find a song that they can sing along to. Some examples would be,” daddy kiss me” or “oh, baby”, etc. You can also play a baby lullaby during the night as well. It will keep your baby from waking up every once in a while and having that disruptive crying.

What about background noise? Sure you know that blasting your car horn or honking your horn will get attention. But did you know that it distracts your baby from falling asleep? Studies have shown that background noises can be just as distracting as screaming. So pick some quiet, mellow music that is not too loud.

Another thing to consider is the mood. Are you having a baby shower? If so, then music that suggests love and bonding will likely be appropriate. If not, maybe a soft, non-singing tune will do the trick.

Some Ways To Associate The Baby Song To A Feeling Or Emotion

Once you have settled on a song or two, try to find some ways to associate the baby song to a feeling or emotion. For example, if you are having a baby shower, you could play the song again, as your guests make their way to the party. If you are having a bath and the baby is soaking, you can put the music on as the baby is gently falling into the water. Again, if you are having a nap, you can sing the song as your little one snuggles into his or her pajamas. Just be sure not to have the music too loud, or your baby might wake up.

Last Words

There are many different types of baby sleep songs available. Some of them are for calm, peaceful times and others for a more active sound. Your baby will love having the right music to soothe them at night and get them ready for a nice, peaceful nap. You can find these songs on your favorite CD, over the internet, or even on iTunes. You will be amazed at how much sleep your baby gets through these relaxing tunes!

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