Things To Know About Baby Cough In Sleep

baby cough in sleep

Newborn babies should get proper sleep for their overall development. They are fragile and need utmost care. Due to their weak immunity, the problem of cough is quite common in infants. During night time it gets awful as a child and his sleep gets disturbed. A parent should not ignore any such issues as it can be a sign. Below is all the relevant information that a parent must know about night coughs among toddlers.

Causes Of Cough Among Babies

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Cough is a defense against fatal viruses and infections. Whenever anything harmful enters through the respiratory tract, mucus is produced in the sinuses. Mucus is simply a slim liquid. It catches the germs that are trying to enter the body. A sleeping body is in a horizontal position, which drains mucus to the throat. This results in coughing. Coughs are normal when a child is active. Night coughs can be a result of mucus flowing to the throat. Although Asthma can also be one of the reasons. In that case, you need to visit a doctor.

Remedies For Cough Among Babies

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The number one remedy is honey. Honey is an incredible element to treat sore throats and coughs. A teaspoon of honey can be given to a one-year-old toddler in warm water or tea. Honey can affect infants less than 12 months. Next is Tomato and Garlic Soup. Garlic is a useful ingredient and keeps the body warm. A little bit of soup can boost the immunity of children. The third powerful remedy is Steam, which has proven beneficial in cold and cough. 10 to 15 minutes of steam can help in cleaning the nose passage.

Effects And Symptoms OF Cough

Children can feel difficulty in breathing. Continuous coughing can also result in vomiting. Babies can be tired during the day. Their appetite can be affected as well. Coughs in the nighttime can be an indicator of problems of Asthma and consulting a doctor is necessary. Another thing to worry about is coughing blood. In case when a baby has been coughing for more than 7 days along with fever then it can be a sign of Pneumonia. Such children should get urgent medical attention.


Babies have weaker immunity. That’s why they should be treated carefully. Coughs are healthy for toddlers. However, coughing in sleep is not common. While sleeping the mucus secreted in sinuses reaches the throat very easily. The mucus agitates the throat and coughing starts. Most of the night coughs can be treated with home remedies.

Ingredients like honey, tomato, and ginger boost metabolism and immunity. However, it should be consumed consciously. Steams can be beneficial if given in the right amount. It can be a symptom of childhood asthma and parents should consult a pediatrician. Long-term coughing can also be toxic and treated the same way.

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