Top 10 Best Baby Infant Toys

baby infant toys

Choosing baby infant toys is the first and most important step in starting your new child on their path to discovery. An interesting selection of toys that stimulate all five senses can help them discover, learn and grow. Our extensive selection will encourage your infant’s curiosity and growth, as well as provide you with some insight into your diaper-clad darlings preferences.

Our top 10 list covers baby infant toys of popular brands such as Disney, Bumbo and Bright Starts. We have something for both boys and girls so both Mommy and Daddy can take part in their children playtime! All our products come at affordable prices so Mommy doesn’t break the bank when adding to her little one’s collection of wonderful toys!

You will find the ideal baby infant toys here for your unique baby, along with some popular options that are proven hits with both babies and parents.

10. Bright Starts Snuggle Puppets

Infant Toys

Here is a unique take on the traditional stuffed animal. Snuggle Puppets are brightly coloured plush toys that double as play pals and security blankets. They attach to infant car seats, strollers and more so they always travel in style! A great gift idea for new parents who want something soft for their little one to hold on to while they experience the world outside of Mommy’s belly. These bright coloured toys use ribbon loops instead of hard plastic clips or ties so it makes them just a bit safer than traditional teethers.

9. Disney Mickey Playtime Guitar

Infant Toys

This colourful Disney baby guitar is another baby infant toy made of soft, durable fabric that is machine washable. The plush cover is decorated with images of favourite Disney characters and the easy to use design will help develop motor skills in your little one. A great musical introduction for infants, it is lightweight and has a handle so they can take their rock star on the road! This toy also promotes social interaction through pretend play.

8. Tomy Aquadoodle Mat

The amazing aqua doodle mat by TOMY provides hours of fun for your infant. The bright, bold lines are filled with water to create an instant masterpiece when drawn upon! A washable and dry-erase surface means you won’t have to worry if your little one accidentally spills the contents of their diaper on it.

7. Bumbo Baby Seat

Every infant needs a good seat for eating, playing and learning how to sit up unassisted. The Bumbo baby seat is stable, comfortable and can be used to feed your child at any age (up to 3 years old)! It features non-skid feet which means it will stay put on most surfaces, no matter how much kicking or scooting he or she does. An ergonomic design ensures that even tiny newborns are supported securely by this chair/seat/booster!

6. LeapFrog My Pal Violet

Violet is more than just a stuffed animal; she has her very own behaviour engine. This customizable pal will say your child’s name, know when he or she is being put down for naps and playtime, then start singing lullabies to help them drift off to sleep with a smile on their face! Your infant will love listening to her sing familiar songs that they can later mimic in their crib, developing soothing bedtime routines early in life! For added fun, you can also purchase additional pets (sold separately) with different personalities.

5. Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light

Goodnight light provides comfort at home or away from home by projecting bright stars onto any surface. It has three lighting modes: Starlight projection model which projects the northern hemisphere star map onto the bedroom ceiling or wall; night light mode emits a faint glowing light, and on/off mode turns the night light completely off. All functions of the Twilight Turtle are operated by 4 AAA batteries (not included) which can last up to 30 hours!

4. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Boppin Activity Bugs

An age-old classic, these adorable little bugs spin, wiggle and delight your baby through playtime. Brightly coloured and soft they will easily hold their attention for an extended period of time while keeping them entertained with sounds, music and lights! Each one has a different activity to encourage the development of motor skills in young ones. Select from colourful bug friends such as ladybug, caterpillar or bee that makes fun sounds when its head is squeezed or pulled!

3. LAMAZUNA Hand Knitted Baby Socks

Every infant should have a pair of these super-soft baby booties. Made by Lamazuna in Switzerland, they are knitted to strict environmental standards and come with a certificate to prove it! They keep tiny toes warm and cosy all year long and also make the perfect baby shower gift for Green Mamas!

2. Vulli Sophie La Giraffe Teether

This legendary toy has been around since 1961 and is still just as popular today as it was when she came into this world. Its made from 100% natural rubber (food grade) so you can rest assured that your little one is sucking on something safe while teething. This famous toy has no BPA, phthalates or PVC and is made to last!

1. Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

Soothe sore gums with this banana teething toothbrush by Baby Bananas! Soft silicone bristles massage the gums while the handle helps strengthen their grasp. A familiar fruit shape makes it easier for young ones to hold onto during self-feeding, thus lessening the risk of dropping it on the floor (which always seems to happen at the worst time!). Parents can also use this training toothbrush as a regular baby brush with its design that fits comfortably in little hands. The ergonomic handle even has soft teething bumps for added relief!

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