Top 10 Most Popular Baby Shower Games

baby shower games

Planning a baby shower can be a lot of fun. There is a great amount of planning that goes into planning a baby shower, from choosing the baby shower location to picking out the right invitations. One of the best ways to get all of the planning done and have fun is to choose one or more games for the baby shower. Games are a lot of fun at showers, especially if there are a number of guests. Here, you will also discover a great assortment of free printable baby shower games for you to make the most of your planning time when it comes to celebration time.

Baby Shower Games

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With this list, you will find an exciting assortment of fun and creative baby shower games that will not only make your guests feel great but also give them something to look forward to. While you are working on the actual invites, you may want to consider actually creating a virtual baby shower. If you cannot find any adorable invitations to work with, simply use a blank document and create your own virtual invitation. From there, it is easy to personalize it with the names of the guests, who are to be invited, and more.

Some of the most popular fun baby shower games include guessing the circumference of the pregnant guest’s belly, asking guests to guess how many times a guest has been to the bathroom, guess what sort of lifestyle the expectant couple has (active, or relaxed, vegetarian, coffee drinker, smoker), guess how many pairs of mom’s have actually slept together in one night, name three things that the mom-to-be like to do in bed, and more. You can use items around the house to create these games. For example, an ice cube tray could be used to hold wax cubes, and a bottle opener can be used to hold an ice pack, and so on.

Great Way For Baby Shower Games

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A great way to end games at the baby shower is to set them up as contests. It can be simple competitions between the winners of each game. One popular contest is who can get the fastest diaper change or whose cake decorating can decorate a cake that is the most attractive. You can also have guests submit a picture of themselves with a baby or with their new spouse if they plan on getting married after the baby is born.

Another great way to end a game is by having the winners get a prize. This can be something inexpensive, such as an inexpensive baby outfit. However, if money isn’t really an issue for the expecting mom, some couples prefer to give something that is useful to everyone. An inexpensive item that everyone can appreciate is a pack of baby wipes. They can be displayed prominently on a dresser, and whenever someone takes one from the package, it can be added to the household registry.

Things To Know

One game that can end or start a baby shower is called “Who’s Baby.” For this game, you will need a large sheet of colored paper, plenty of small playing cards, baby items such as baby bottles, baby clothes, diapers, blankets, bathtubs, and anything else the baby will need, and a set of matching playing cards. Have everyone guess the gender of the baby. Have each player receive three cards. The player that guesses the closest gender will win a prize.

“Belly Blender” is another fun game that will help the mommy-to-be relax before her big day. Have the guests come dressed in formal or casual wear, all of the same size. Each guest will take a turn giving the mommy a massage. The one that gets the best massage wins. This can include the mommy feeling a relaxing massage from someone else, or she can be totally undressed, like she always is, and just have her eyes open.

Bottom Line

One of the most popular baby shower games is “One Minute of Love.” For this game, have the guests arrive in a group, and once they are there to have each player guess as many of the mommy’s accessories as they can within a one-minute period. The one with the correct items wins. It doesn’t matter what type of item they are trying to guess, just as long as it fits into the one-minute time limit.

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