Top Baby Shower Game Ideas For Moms-To-Be

unique baby shower games

When you are planning a shower for a new baby, there are lots of things to consider. How many games will you play? What types of games will interest the new parents? Most importantly, what age group should the shower be held? The following are some unique baby shower games that can be played, or suggestions for alternative games that can be adapted for baby showers held at any age.

One of the most popular games at a baby shower is “virtual baby shower.” It is easy to set up and simple to play. Guests must all fill out a virtual invitation on the website, including their baby’s name and birth date. The invitation goes further than that, though. Some of the invitations include a little memory journal with photographs of the guests, and some even include a few lines about being a good mother or dad. These allow the guests to create a virtual picture of themselves as a family.

An Overview

Another unique baby shower games idea is a game where guests are given a baby doll. They have a short period of time to care for the baby doll as best as they can. Whoever completes the most tasks is the winner. This can be adjusted to take a different length depending on how many guests. Some versions of this game require that the player to complete a specific number of tasks. Others are simple questions that start with “Who’s the baby?”

For those who prefer to plan their own fun baby shower game ideas, you have the option of coming up with your own versions of traditional games, like hide and seek, or musical chairs. These activities allow guests to get creative and have fun while simultaneously showing each other that they have real fun. Some other fun baby shower game ideas incorporate the element of water as well.

Baby Shower Game Ideas

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Have guests come dressed as plastic babies. Have them put on a disguise as one of the guests while they interact with each other in an ice cube contest. Each person earns points by successfully taking an ice cube from someone else’s hand. The last person standing wins! This game can be easily adjusted to take many different forms, such as using a larger or smaller ice cube tray, changing the number of guests, or even playing with the mom-to-be instead of the guests. It is definitely a unique shower theme and something that will be remembered long after the shower is over.

One fun activity that will allow friends and family to participate and bond with those newly arriving to the family is a game called “Irene’s Pregnancy.” In this game, guests will be asked to imagine themselves as an expectant mom. This can range from merely assuming an attractive dress or complete wardrobe to more elaborate outfits that would be worn throughout pregnancy. After completing a scenario, all participants are asked to share their feelings about the experience with their loved ones. An extra added incentive for the expecting moms is that the family can spend time visiting the newborns in the hospital while everyone is busy enjoying the fun activities.

As another twist on “Irene’s Pregnancy,” have guests create a scrapbook filled with pictures of their baby. All of the pictures can be used to decorate the nursery room or used to celebrate the birth of the baby. The mom-to-be will receive a special favor as a reward for being a great friend and taking the time to create a beautiful album for her to look back on. This is also a wonderful way to get the family involved in preparing the baby’s room. Ask the mother-to-be what she wants to have in her room, and if she has any special colors or decorations she would like. She may want to have wallpaper borders, window treatments or curtain or drapes.

In The End

A unique baby shower game idea is to set up a scavenger hunt for guests at the shower. Have each guest submit a picture of themselves with a new baby and have them check off the list as they find it. The first person to complete the scavenger hunt with a picture will win a prize. Everyone enjoys the bonding experience of planning a big event and playing games!

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