Top Simulator Baby Games To Get You Through Pregnancy

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There is nothing as beautiful and rewarding as being parents. Also, there is nothing as scary as being parents, especially for the first time! And, mothers have it the worst. It’s not merely the fact that she is the one who will be carrying the baby in her womb. Actually, that’s a delightful experience in many ways. But, this is also the time of hormonal changes, resulting in extreme mood swings and elevated emotional responses. And, then add to it the fact that the first time mother simply knows nothing about raising a baby. Mother knows it all! Oh, we all have heard it just so many times! But, that’s yet another one of those things that increases the pressure even more. So, I am certain, when I introduce you to simulator baby games, as a mother-to-be, you will be delighted! 

Simulator Baby Games For Mother-To-Be

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Before we go any further, here is a brief introduction to simulator baby games, in case you have never heard of these. The simulator games are basically a parenting training simulation. Most of the games revolves around you taking care of a virtual baby and his/her needs. You will have a fair idea about what to expect as you enter your journey of motherhood. 

Mother Simulator

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This game is one of the best when it comes to simulation games for would-be mothers. It will give you that exact feeling of not knowing what to do, how to do, and keep trying till you have perfected every act. The basic objective is to take care of your baby’s every need. Now, you have to run around the simulation and understand how to do everything. There’s not much to say, but a whole lot to experience. 

Real Mother Simulator: New Born Twin Baby Games 3D

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Available in Google Play store, this game comes with a slight twist – you are taking care of twins. The fun part is taking care of these cuties and watching them grow. The babies are in your day care while their mom is working So, you have all the responsibility. The sound effects make this game extremely adorable. While this isn’t the mother taking care of the babies, but it certainly is a great way to know what to do, and what not. The game is free to play and come with in-app purchases. 

Alima’s Baby Nursery

This 3D game is about you taking care of multiple babies all at once. The changing gestures of the babies with their mood and how you are taking care of them will give you ample idea about how a baby behaves. Moreover, there are numerous toys in the nursery for the babies to play with. You are in charge of taking care of these little bundles of joy and you will have to do that with utmost care and dedication. I love this game for the beautiful designs and the engaging content. 

Virtual baby care games are extreme fun as well as educational. While these are perfect for expecting mothers, especially those who are about to have their first kids, you can have your kids play them too. This way they will also learn and will be able to help you take care of their younger siblings. Now, who won’t want that!

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