Which Baby Shower Games Are Most Popular

zoom baby shower games

There are a lot of new and creative Zoom baby shower games to choose from for your next shower. Whether you are hosting it at home or hosting one at the venue of a nearby hospital, these games can be a lot of fun for everyone, and especially for the parents-to-be. Some of them are simply silly word games where guests are asked to guess the word that rhymes with the name of a newborn baby. Others are games in which players are given shapes to put into molds, such as hearts, butterflies, bottles, balls, and other baby-shaped objects. There are also matching pairs of items for the guests to guess, such as an arrangement of flowers and a baby.

One fun game for a baby shower is a virtual sip game. Here, guests will be asked to fill out a small survey on their preferences, such as what type of foods they like (chocolate or vanilla), what their preferred gender is, and so forth. Once the players have filled out the survey, they will be able to rate what they want their new son or daughter to have for a meal. Players can choose to keep that rating private or reveal their choices at the end of the virtual sip.

Zoom Baby Shower Games

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Another fun baby shower ideas game is to have guests guess the various baby photos of the pregnant mom and dad. The player who guesses the most number of correct baby photos wins a prize. Some prizes may include items for the nursery, baby wardrobe, etc.

Many new parents-to-be use social distancing as a method to ease the transition into parenthood. By avoiding an immense amount of potential social interaction, couples are less likely to feel overwhelmed by the suddenness of the changes. However, when parents-to-be become so immersed in the online baby shower experience that they fail to completely separate it from their lives, the virtual world can have devastating effects. Social Distancing can even lead some participants to minimize or deny the impact of their virtual environment.

One fun baby shower game that many couples enjoy is the “drive-by” game. In this game, guests are shown a selection of photographs of different objects within the scene of the baby shower. They can make a choice from those in the center to those on the left or right. However, the object they select must be in the same exact location as the photo.

A Much Ado

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Many couples are not content to simply view the pictures of the various baby photos; they want to create their own version of a baby word scramble. The purpose of the baby word search is to generate a list of words related to the selected baby photos. This is typically a multiple-step process. First, guests will have to scour through all of the baby photos for words that are potentially relevant.

A variation of the “drive-by” game is an online version known as “Covid Baby Showers.” The objective of this version is still the same as that of a real drive-by situation. Again, guests will see a series of baby photos and will have to choose the word from a grid. The words in a Covid baby shower grid are usually those that are most likely to come up when a parent is searching for a baby. This helps parents-to-be concentrate on the specific aspects of their nursery rhymes or stories, helping them ease into their new surroundings.

Bottom Line

Many experts agree that the best baby shower games are those that help participants relax and have fun. However, couples may find that a combination of several fun activities works best. It is important to remember that most successful virtual showers utilize the same or similar concepts. Regardless of whether couples choose to play a game that combines driving by mail order baby showers or a virtual drive-by, they can be assured that it will provide some added fun for all.

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